Why Hong Kong can become a wine

Hong Kong since * * * cancel after-tax the wine market is developing rapidly, a sharp increase every year. According to Lin XX, * * * * years ago in the third quarter, up to hk $7.33 billion total cost of the Hong Kong wine imports, rose 57% from a year earlier. In wine exports, three quarter before Hong Kong wine exports reached hk $1.49 billion, up 68.2% from the same period a year earlier,

High-end wine prices boost phase of wine 

* * * *, according to the announcement from * * * day improve product ex-factory price, rose as high as 30%. And the retail price of * * * this year has been dealers increase several times.

Interpretation of the imported wine latent password

In the face of imported wine current surging, aims to illustrate there is a big gap between phenomenon and essence. On the surface of the phenomenon is a reflection of the nature of this show, however, is not very accurate, the nature of things around from side to side. As a business behavior, profit maximization is need to pursue essence through the phenomenon to be realized.

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